Monday, April 18, 2011

Springing into Spring-Bunny Cupcakes

Today, we have a fun guest post from Janelle of Comfy in the Kitchen! I have come to love her blog and the exuberant way in which she shares her love of food and of sharing Jesus with those around her. Enjoy her post today on a fun cupcake to make this Easter season. Get your kids involved and have some fun memory making times in the kitchen together!

I found a photo of these cute cupcakes on the Betty Crocker website a few years ago. As soon as I saw them, I couldn't wait to make them for an Easter play date we had scheduled! The children at the play date went crazy when they saw them! Ever since, I have made them every year around Easter. I give each of my children a cupcake, individual ingredients, and I show them step by step how to turn their ordinary cupcake into a cute little bunny...they have so much fun! These particular bunnies are on their way to my son's school tomorrow...I am sure they will bring some Easter cheer to the students!

Make cupcakes as directed on the box. This particular mix used eggs, oil, and water.

I chose Funfetti because of the colors. You can use any cake mix you like.

Place in 12 jumbo cupcake liners or 24 regular cupcake liners. Bake as directed. I baked mine for 18 mins at 350.

When cool, frost all cupcakes with pink frosting, then using white frosting, make a circle for the bunny face.

To make the ears, cut a marshmallow in half lengthwise and cut a slit 3/4 of the way down. Dip sticky side into pink sprinkles like so..

Place ears on top of cupcake

For the eyes I used decorators frosting. However, I have used sugar dots attached to paper in the past...I couldn't find them this year. The frosting worked just fine.

A jelly bean nose

Twizzler Pull n Peels (you may use black if you wish)for the whiskers

No sneaking into those jellybeans! LOL!

Cut the Twizzlers into small pieces

Here you have it...a cute little bunny

Off to school they go! Enjoy and Happy Easter to you. He is RISEN! Love, Janelle

Janelle writes from Comfy in the Kitchen where she blogs about all things food. Coming from a long line of ambitious Italian cooks, love for cooking has been passed along through generations. Janelle says cooking is one of her favorite ways to serve the Lord and she loves sharing His love with others. Busy mom of three, Janelle is happiest when surrounded by others. Make sure and visit her blog especially on Monday's where different people from around the world share how they used food to bless others with the Love of God. Also, on Friday's-Feasting in Fellowship- a fun recipe link-up!

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  1. These are adorable!! I will have to remember these for the future! :)