Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springing into Spring-Getting OUTSIDE

So it's all well and fine to bring springtime inside, but it's no substitute for being OUT in that springtime air! Get those babies outside! Breath in the sunshine and the fresh air! Swing to your hearts content
Play in the sandbox And climbs those ladders (and don't fall out of that hole that's waiting for the slide to be attached!)
Swing my little man! :)

Run through the green grass and roll down the little knolls.

Gather flowers and explore those tiny new leaves.

Look at the bugs and chase butterflies.

Fill your body with sunlights bright rays.

Go outside!


  1. When did you get a treehouse/sandpox/playset thingy? How cool!!!

  2. Wow, Mike did an awesome job on the play set!! Looks so much fun!! I want to come over and play!! :)