Monday, April 11, 2011

Springing into Spring-Week 2- Outdoors In

Our Second week of our April Series, Springing into Spring is on the topic of bringing the outdoors in! Our guest blogger for this week is Laura, of I love her blog and think the world of her. Enjoy her fun, picturesque post!
March can be cold, rainy and windy. It sure is here today! Spring is playing hide and seek with us. We've seen glimpses of her -- little tiny green leaf buds, brave purple and white end-of-winter-flowers -- but at first glance, all is still hiding in warm places.

But what's stopping us from pretending a little? We can make spring happen a little early indoors! Here are six simple ways to brighten and warm up your home environment, getting a head-start on colorful days ahead: Artificial Flower Arrangements This is the first thing I did to brighten our home -- back in February. Had to be daisies. Had to be hot pink. Had to have pussy willows. Make it personal. Make it colorful. Make it fun!

Grow Seedlings Indoors Really, anyone can grow seedlings -- the trick is transplanting and keeping them alive outdoors. But what could be more fun than watching little green plants rising out of dark, wet soil? A great learning opportunity. Here are our tomato seedlings -- see how they grow?

Flower Crafts Want to make a springy craft with your child? These daffodils are easy and fun to make! You can use clear plastic egg cartons, like we did, or the more traditional cardboard style {in which case, you should paint them yellow}. First, cut out the petal shape {I used a template to help me} from yellow card-stock and then cut out some leaves from green card-stock. We used hot glue to stick the egg carton to the paper...and the leaves to the pipe cleaner stem...and the stem to the flower. There are plenty of ways to do this -- do what works best for you and your child.

Foam flowers are also really easy -- and if you make them big enough, you can really add color and life to your home! Check out The Homeschool Classroom for flowers and other craft ideas! Add Color To Your Walls There are plenty of art options on -- for framing and hanging, or arranging on a shelf. I have ideas...but at this point, they are all dreams. I like this yarn-wrapped wreath too. And ever thought of picking up some old embroidery hoops from a thrift store and filling them with colorful fabrics that you love?

Wash Your Windows Nothing like letting the sun shine in through spot-free windows. And hey, if the temps get above 50 degrees -- open 'em up for some fresh air too! Scents You Love Pick up a hyacinth plant, already blooming. Or gather some lilac blossoms for your table {they bloom early in some states!}. Or, how about scented room freshener spray or essential oils? Make it smell springy inside!

Laura, AKA Housewife in Town, is the mother of two energetic boys and wife to the one who gave them that energy. She has been blogging for four years, teaching young children {in some form}for six years, and writes about life as a stay at home mom and all the joys to be found. Passionate about photography, childhood development, parenting, playing outside, and early learning, she is searching {like all moms} for balance and fulfillment in life. Follow her at

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  1. Great ideas Laura!! I think I am going to try and clean my windows this week! I also have some fresh daisies on the dining room table! :)