Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deep Cleaning

Peaceful. Clean. Fresh. Smells like sunshine. Clean Couch cushions-finally!

Clean sheets and fresh clean room

Sun baked sheets and another clean room!

But oh my-lots of work to get it there! I stripped all the sheets from the beds and wiped down all the surfaces in the room. Also washed the windows.

I did the same in Nathan's room.... I had all the floors picked up and spic and span. But you know, when a mama is hard at deep cleaning, the kids are hard at deep playing. Always. ;) So I did a quick pick-up of all the clutter and toys after I'd done all the rest of my cleaning. The children played so nicely together and I sure didn't want to ruin the moment!

I then moved on to the living room...I took diluted upholstery cleaner and scrubbed all the micro-fiber couch cushions. Something I've been wanting to do for some time now! Boy was I hot, achy and tired by the time I was finished with all of that! But those cushions looked so much better! I set them in the sun to dry-all lined up and then the kids found them. They became trains and cars and i worried lest all that work of scrubbing was to go to waste!

But they dried soon. And they sure smelled fresh.I brought them all indoors and placed them back on the vacuumed couch beds. Arranging all neatly and nicely. It feels so nice! While the cushions were drying I polished the furniture, washed the woodstove and swept the hearth. I washed all the windows and vacuumed the flooring.

The sheets hung on the line to dry and smelled so fresh and wonderful when I took them off the line and remade the beds. (and flipped all the mattresses)

I love clean houses! My kitchen floor is still in need of a good sweep and mop and laundry still needs to be put away. But I've done enough for today and I love the sense of accomplishment. :)

It's hot spring days like today that put that "spring" inside of me and give me the get up and go to clean clean clean.

Now, it's early evening and time to think about supper. Baby is playing contentedly on the floor-laying down and sitting up again at will-such a fun new discovery! Hannah is watching "The Waltons" and Nathan is just getting back from a ride in the truck with Daddy. It's been a good day.


  1. Wow! You really were busy and it all looks so nice!

  2. me next! me next!! when will we be seeing you!! :)... JK, awesome job Sarah!