Monday, May 16, 2011

Grace and Thanks

The washing machine pump breaks and water is all over the kitchen floor.

The gluten steaks are burning, the baby is crying and the little ones are wanting to eat.

The goats break the garden fence, get in and eat all of the lettuce.

The tile needs mopping and the carpet needs cleaning.

The noses are runny and all three are not feeling too well (read unhappy)

No naps for little man, trying to get girls to sleep, they are unwilling.

Baskets of laundry to fold and more to wash all the time.

Husband needs your help and so does everyone else-all at the same time.

Baby gags on her bottle (because of cold) and spews everything all over you.

Up at the crack of dawn and then find that everyone else is up as well.

Squabbles and tears over toys unshared.

Dirty faces and tear stained cheeks.

Does ANY of this sound familiar?!

In the middle of all of this, God whispered quietly to my soul and touched me with a healing balm:

"My GRACE is sufficient for you. My strength is made PERFECT in your weakness."

Thank you Lord!

It is then that I begin to recount the joys bestowed, because there is grace for me. There is perfection in my weakness and I praise God for that.

*Long flaxen hair

*Making memories

*Little man's adorable nose-complete with freckles!

*Baby smiles

*Pitter pat of gentle rain

*The squeak of clean dishes

*crazy kids who challenge me to grow

*kisses and hugs

*fresh picked roses

*running barefoot through green grass

*Sunshine on my shoulders

*Spring picnics

*Singing with my kids

*baby naps

*fluffy bunnies

*friendly baby goats

*room to run

*Sheets fresh from the line

*Clean couch cushions

*Moments of quiet relished

*texting fun

*juicy sweet strawberries

....and oh so much more.....

1 comment:

  1. I love all the praises and the Bible Promises! I think that the rough times are there to, as you say, push us to grow and be better, more understanding people and to grow into His Grace which is indeed, perfect. God keeps bringing us through things because He wants us to "pass the test" so He can bring us to Heaven! He alone is worthy, we are not, His Rightousness is perfect, ours is as filthy rags. We need to cloak ourselves daily. Motherhood is not for sissies! Bless you from the Lord!
    Luv and Hugs, Mom