Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Happy 6 Years Married

Somewhere, I came up with the great idea to gift my hubby with a fondue pot and the Melting Pot cookbook for our 6 year wedding anniversary. I had in mind that we could pick two recipes for fondue-a dessert and a cheese one and then I could run up to the store and purchase the necissary ingredients and "dippers." So Sunday morning we did just that. I went to the store, got the groceries and we continued the day per usual. (read lots of work to do because it's the weekend! lol) Mike worked awfully hard planting some shrubbery and putting mulch around things. It was a scorching hot day! We got the kids to bed early, since we skipped naps (all part of the plan!). Then we had the evening to ourselves. Ahh..... yeah! I made a cheese fondue out of Brie. I've discovered that Brie is not my favorite sort of cheese! It certainly has a different flavor. We added a bit of this and that to the recipe and came out with a tasty fondue.

Here are our dippers. Parboiled mushrooms and carrots in vegetable broth, olives-both black and kalamata, crusty artisan bread, yellow peppers and baby tomatoes. We thought artichoke hearts would have been very tasty.

Italian Lemon raspberry fizzles in goblets, a blanket on the floor and we're set!

But of course the dessert fondue took the prize. I mean, who can resist dark chocolate, crunchy peanut butter and cream? ;) Then when you dip strawberries and lemon pound cake and fresh pineapple and bananas, well.... you're just about in Heaven! We definitely agreed it had been a wonderful 6 years married and we were most certainly looking forward to the next 6 and beyond.
Love you, Honey Bunches of Love! :)

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  1. mmmmm what a great anniversary gift! :) Nicely done. I love your new quilt background!! LOVE!