Thursday, May 19, 2011

Progress in Morning Worship, Bible Memory & Story Time

You'll recall sometime back my writing on Intentions. How we all have so many of them, but often times they sit by the wayside waiting for someday when they just magically happen.
Well, one of my intentions was to have daily morning worship with the kids and have it be the kind of worship that they enjoyed and that wasn't too long. We've found something that works! Of course I am very happy about this. My kids love it too and are most often very participating in it. Which was what I wanted.
It's produced by a company called Lamplight Publishing, INC. They used to be out of California....20 some years ago. (my mother used this same devotional pack with my brother and I! I happened to find it in some things she had given me and decided to give it a try as I had fond memories of it as a child.) I have no idea where they are today or if they are still in business. But their products are wonderful. So, whether or not you can get this, is another question. The jist of it is this, though: Each day there is a small devotional and song that goes with it and then a prayer. I love the devotionals because they are very relevant to my children even at their young ages. The songs are a lot of fun. Mostly they are new words put to old tunes (such as Jesus loves me or Missionary Band, Whisper a Prayer) The songs are easy to learn and impress upon the children the lesson that was just learned in the devotion. The devotion always starts out with a Bible verse for us to look up and read in our Bibles. Then it explains the verse in a very simple way and offers practical solutions to what this verse looks like in their lives.
So far we have been doing this program almost daily for the passed 4 weeks. It has really integrated into our daily morning routine now and the kids really look forward to it.

On to Bible Memory. Another intention of mine is for my kids to learn Bible verses and come to know God's Word and hide it in their hearts. As a child I listened over and over again to Scripture song tapes and I must say that they really served to insert scripture into my mind. I can't begin to tell you how many times those same verses pop into my head just when I need them most. So! One thing that we have begun doing (trying to be consistent) is to listen to a Scripture Memory CD every day while we are doing work in the kitchen. I am using Thy Word scripture memory cd's. The one we are currently working on is Psalm 23. Here again, I used these as a child. They are still available today and work wonderfully for memorization! I memorized many chapters including Isaiah 53, 1 Corinthians 13, Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, etc... using this resource. As we've been listening to this CD almost every day now for a week or so I am starting to hear Hannah sing along and know the words. She is learning! And Nathan is listening in too.

Story Time! I have wanted to integrate reading time into our day. It's easy to get to the end of the day and say, "oops. I didn't read to the kids today." (other than their bedtime story.) So every day around 11:00 I sit the kids in my lap (while Rebecca is napping) and read the kids stories. Right now the big favorite is the Moody Family Adventures series. The kids LOVE them!! Nathan always wants his John Deere Tractor book read as well..... The kids are really starting to look forward to this time every day and I am really liking it too.

There is still much to work on, but we are working on it a little at a time and I like to see the accomplishments and knowing that they aren't just sitting on some "Intentions" list somewhere.

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  1. "Little by little, everyday, little by little in every way, Jesus is changing me, (He's changing me! .... He's changing me, my blessed Savior, I'm not the same person that I used to be. Well it is slow goin', but there's a knowin', that one day perfect I will be!
    God is good! He leads mothers as they follow Him and the children follow after the great example!
    Keep goin' girl! God Bless your efforts!
    Hugs, Mom