Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week Recap

It's been a blurry week. My parents were here last week, thru Mother's Day and left Tuesday. They're house sold in Missouri and they are Tennessee bound the end of June. So they were here squaring away everything on their new land.
I spent Tuesday cleaning. Had a real cleaning bug I guess.
Wednesday I just sort of made it through the day in lieu of the next day and high hopes for some sort of get away!
My Birthday was on Thursday. Mike took the whole day off, had his mom come over and watch the kids for us and we had a wonderful time away for the day! We went to this awesome used book store called McKay's and got some great finds there-can't wait to read them, shopping and out to eat and saw Soul Surfer-a truly inspiring movie based on a true story. Ended up getting to stay overnight as well which was great-got a terrific night's sleep. It was sort of our anniversary/Birthday roled into one and I completely relished the day. Thank's Mike!! Sometime during the week the kids and I did a volcano science experiment and they thought that was just "the bomb."

Rebecca is having lots of fun playing outside these days. Loves trying to pick grass and eat it. ;) She has a hard time sleeping because she can now sit up on her own. So I lay her down and she sit's back up. She ended up with a lousy cold towards the week's end and is in a lot of discomfort-unable to breath. She's not a happy camper and not getting much sleep because of it all. Poor baby!

Then on Friday the other two kid's came down with the same nasty cold and so they are all fairly miserable. They played outside on the blanket on Friday and caught some Vit. D. :)
It's nice to see them playing together...

Today we all stayed home from church due to this crumby sickness and tried to relax. I/we made carrot juice and Cold Season Tea and green smoothies to try and combat this sickness. So far I am the only one cooperating the most. ;) I want to kick this thing fast!

Wishing you all a happy weekend! Hopefully we can get our garden prepped for planting tomorrow!! Can't wait to get some seeds and plants in the ground!


  1. So awesome!!! Having your parents near will be a big help, I think! YAY!! :) And you got a day off with your husband! So wonderful. =) Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the rest of May!!

  2. Hey Girlie, keep up the awesome blog. I am so inspired by you. Today me and the girls made a volcano in the backyard. Because I saw it on your blog and thought, if she can do it (she = mother of THREE), then surely I can do it! And I did! I find myself in such a rut sometimes, and then I read your blog and feel refreshed. You really relish the little things, and that gives me some much needed perspective. Thanks again, friend! Storie

  3. Also, I had an idea for a blog post for you, not that you asked for my suggestion. But here goes: I would love to know your thoughts and experience with the Created to be his Helpmeet book. You say you're rereading it. I actually just read that book last week, and then immediately opened it back up and began my second read-through, this time with underlining. Then, I plan on going through the Bible verses and researching those a little deeper, and then looking into Spirit of Prophecy and seeing how what she says aligns with this amazing book. My mindset was absolutely transformed after reading this book and I am recommending it to all my friends. However, as you know, it has some pretty countercultural ideas in it. Which makes it pretty hard for some women to swallow. But I love the book, and only one of my friends has taken up my offer to read it so far, so I am really interested to learn how this book has affected your life. Just a thought if you get the time. (What time!) -Storie

  4. Storie-you are a real sweetheart and your comments today really made my day. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm glad that I am inspiring to someone, because I sure don't inspire myself all that much! lol!
    I would love to blog about Created! I'll be thinking about it and do it when I can, ok? :)
    btw-do you have texting? if so.... email me your number! ozarkrose84 at yahoo dot com