Thursday, June 16, 2011

Biking and Caving (and sweet-rolling?!)

On Tuesday we went Biking at a nearby park with Heather and David and two of our kids-Hannah and Nathan. We all really enjoyed ourselves-though let me tell you, biking with 30-40 extra pounds of weight on the back is no small feat!

Looking quite happy-Hannah. She had a blast on the hills!

Nathan was pleased as punch to be sitting behind me and loved every second of it! He wanted to go some more!

The happy bikers

Heather and David

Wading in the Creek afterwards

Forbidden Caverns-it was a great cave! There was a river under there and everything! Some really neat formations. It's amazing to learn all the history and to see this passageway underneath the ground!

Back home, the guys put us gals up to making Cinnamon Rolls. They'd been at it for several days, so we finally had to concede. ;) Here they are, refereeing. Umm... overseeing the process.

Watching quite intently, don't you think? Want to do it yourself, boys??

Filling the pans, slicing the dough

The finished product. And yes... they were good.

We ended the night with a game of Life on the Farm and collapsed into bed for the day-all this playtime makes the big folks tired! Haha!

I'll get up the pictures from Wednesday shortly! Stay tuned! :)

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