Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review: When Sparrows Fall

Thoroughly enjoyed the book entitled "When Sparrows Fall." It was really thought provoking, interesting and challenging.
Miranda Hanford is a widowed mother to 6 "perfect" children. She lives a very secluded and private life, home schools her children, dresses in very modest attire and allows no 'evil' to enter her household. But what is interesting to see as the story unravels is that all these trappings aren't truly her convictions, they are things that were placed upon her because of her small church group and her authoritative late husband. True, many of the things that she did were good things, but her heart wasn't really in it. Therefore, it made her life very restrictive and legalistic.
When her church's head leader decided he's going to move his entire congregation to another state, Miranda decides its time to break lose from the grip that this church has on her. However, secrets are threatened to be unearthed if she decided to stay behind. This leaves Miranda feeling very unsettled. But why? What are these secrets? I'll leave you to find out! They both surprise and shock you!
Early on in the book, as Miranda is taking a prayer walk through the woods, fasting and trying to hear the voice of God, she takes a terrible fall off of the cliffs near her home. She is left very injured. Who will take care of her children while she recovers? Enter college professor Jack Hanford, Miranda's brother in-law. He finds out he had been named legal guardian of Miranda's six children and he'd only met them once before! He brings about a lot of happiness, freedom and life to the family and feels his way through Miranda's heart and soul to find out what makes her tick and tries to figure out about the mysterious secrets that Miranda holds onto so tightly.
Can the family find true freedom and happiness? Can they begin to move on passed their cloistered and sheltered life?
Follow Miranda on her journey as she struggles and triumphs over spiritual manipulation and comes out on the other side a new and changed person.
A very interesting and perceptive read.

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  1. Very interesting! Thanks for the great review, sounds like a book I might like to read. :) A little lighter than Brain Rules, probably. ;p