Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colored Bubbles???

Ok, here's the scoop, Mama's. Don't get your kids colored bubbles. Ok?

Haha! I didn't get these myself, but I know that if I had seen them on the store shelf I would have thought that they looked pretty neat!

(this one sort of looks like a murder scene. lol!)

Your child will be covered from head to toe with this sticky, ooey gooey yucky colored stuff.

(this picture just doesn't do him justice!!)

And if they spill them-as children ALWAYS seem to spill bubbles....

All of this will be the end result.

(NOT pictured-GREEN footprints running through my kitchen, GREEN fingerprints on my french doors and inside cabinets.)

Mmmhmmm. Yup. No more colored bubbles for us. I'd rather deal with fingerpaint!

But it sure is funny to look at it all now! What a mess though to clean up! All from a few seconds of unsupervised time while I took the Sweet Potato Fries out of the oven... Tch tch tch....


  1. OH NO!!!!! I'm so sorry! I hope it's not too hard to wash up. :(( Boo. Nope, I certainly don't need to buy those. =)

  2. I saw these on a news article once! Parents were complaining that they weren't washable like Crayola was claiming. And that they make a HUGE mess like what you just posted!! haha... did it all come up?