Friday, June 17, 2011

Geo-Caching and Museum of Appalachia

On Day Three-Wednesday- David and Heather and our family got around in the morning, visited the Smoky Mountain Knife works (I got a can opener and a set of measuring cups and spoons) while David got much more authentic things, such as....knives. lol

Afterwards, we meandered up towards the Museum of Appalachia. Since we were going to be an hour early to meet up with our mutual friend, Kristiana (and a friend of hers), we decided to "kill some time" and go see a neat lake in the area. Well. Let's put it this way.... we never saw the lake. But we sure took an interesting trek up an old logging road into the mountain!!! Those crazy GPS's..... :) However, we did find a beautiful spot and got to go geocaching (which David introduced us to) as well. The mountains were beautiful and so was the water babbling over rocks
beautiful green ferns-I love the woods!

A fun water fall! Which was actually a natural geocache!

The Museum of Appalachia-can't say enough good about this place. It was Amazing. I wish we had more time to explore it and I wish it hadn't of been pouring down rain most of the time that we were there! However, we did have a fantastic time and would love to go back again soon.

Hannah standing in front of an old cabin. She couldn't believe that someone had lived in something so small!

Heather, myself, Danielle and Kristina

An awesome crazy quilt displayed in one of the museums.

One of the silly peacock's that strutted around the place. They have the craziest call!

Me and my "chil'ren" in front of the old homeplace

The old schoolhouse

I could share many many more pictures, but you're just going to have to visit and go there yourself!! The museums and grounds on this place are incredible! There are so many artifacts!

After the museum, Heather and David and our family went to eat at Cracker Barrel and then each of us went opposite ways towards home.... *sigh* It was such a fun filled time and we truly enjoyed every bit of it. :)

As for Thursday and Friday, well, for me, it was filled with laundry, dishes, refereeing, teaching, disciplining, cooking, etc etc etc... It was an AWESOME week!! :)

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  1. Geocaching is so much fun! My dad loves it and we enjoy it on occasion, too. Except we don't have a GPS right now. :)