Friday, June 3, 2011

Heating Up!

It's heating up outside! Wednesday the heat index was 105* with blazin' hot sun. And it was only June 1st! Unreal! We were beginning to go stir crazy indoors. What to do?! Beautiful day, but so hot that you practically COOK as soon as you walk out the door! Thursday I came up with whatever ideas I could and we aimed to have a good day. And we pretty well did. :)

We had beany baby tosses into a basket-the kids have pretty good aim! We drew pictures on the easel pad and the kids dressed them with bits of paper and glue. They got quite the kick out of that. :) We also did the chalk board on the other side-I drew pictures and we made up stories to go along with it all.

We worked on our alphabet and did an alphabet puzzle.

We read stories and sang songs

We ate Rainbow noodles and broccoli for lunch-on the picnic table in the playroom.

We swung on the swings and mommy tried gallantly to push all three children at once!

We took pictures of cute babies sitting in the grass

And rounded up all three of them for a goofy threesome :)

We spotted a beautiful butterfly, down among the thistles and took pictures of it and watched how it sucked nectar out.

And we wrapped up the day by taking a trip to the grocery store (me solo with three kids! first time to the grocery!) We got lots of fresh fruits and veggies for yummy summertime eating with minimal cooking-because it's nearly too hot to cook!

And today we went to the park to play in the splash pad-but the kids got COLD after about 5 minutes. COLD?! What?! Really?! Unreal. And then 3 busloads of children unloaded themselves into this small town park and completely took it over. So..... we watched them from the park bench and ate our carrot sticks, granola bars and apples and then we went home.

And now, in the extra hot heat of the day, the babies are napping, mommy's dreaming of a cool river somewhere, and maybe tomorrow, we'll go to Campmeeting for the day.


  1. Sarah, you inspire me! The picture at the top is just precious! Your babies are beautiful! I love Rebecca's expression of amazement. Your family is blessed to have you as their mommy! Keep it up, girl!

  2. EXCELLENT ideas! I love the paper to dress people -- that's so cute. :) And bean bag tosses -- that sounds fun too. I'm a bit worried about the hot days coming...we've been spoiled by 60/70 degree weather for quite a few weeks. It'll be like winter cabin fever all over again. Unless we sit in the pool all day {with hats and long sleeves}. :)