Friday, June 10, 2011

Nathan Turns Three

Nathan had a great birthday Fun in the water outside in the heat
Yummy english muffin pizzas for supper and a nice big salad

a lion cake-specially requested. Actually cupcakes underneath! He was beyond excited.

I know this picture is a big blurry-but look at his face! He is just SO happy to be three!

Such a happy little man

Opening presents is serious business!

He plays the harmonica like a pro! ;)

And he can golf too! That is...gator golf. :)

And WOW can he ever shoot those baskets. :)

So. Now he's three.And I am wondering what this year will bring for him. (and me) Will the three's be even better than two?

Keep smiling buddy.

I love you! :)

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  1. Yes, the threes are very fun. :) LOTS of cute phrases, sweet kisses, and greater ability to follow directions and be independent! You with have so much fun. Happy birthday buddy! And wow, Sarah did you make that lion cupcake cake? It's amazing! I love english muffin pizzas. I would have enjoyed his party. =)