Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rebecca: 9 Months

This little tootsie roll is 9 months old today! My, how time does fly.
She's such a sweetheart.

Who could resist this sweet little face, anyways?

Rebecca, you moved through some fast and amazing milestones this passed month! You went from sitting up to crawling. From crawling to standing! You're a real pro, baby girl!

You love to hum along with me when I sing to you.

You say Mama, Dada, Yay, Bye and you've tried to say Hannah a few times too!

You're into absolutely everything and I can't keep up with you! I'm a whipped puppy!

You love to eat-especially homemade baby food. You like to spit the store bought stuff back at me. But if I've made it, then typically you'll eat whatever is in front of you.

We're dealing with your eczema and it's doing so much better now! We've found that eliminating oatmeal has made a huge difference. But wow-all the things that have oatmeal in them! Including soaps and lotions! We've found a laundry soap that works and I can't say enough good about Charlie's soap-really gets the clothes clean and keeps your skin clear. We've also found that you're allergic to Kiwi's! Sorry, honey.... =/ You have a bit of trouble with all the heat and get a bit of a rash from too much of it, but other than that, you're doing so well with your skin!

You still need to learn to sleep consistently through the night though-mama is getting tired of that 2 a.m. want a bottle cry...

I'm looking forward to seeing what new things you'll figure out this month, baby girl!

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  1. I cannot wait to see this precious little girl next week!! She is soo big since I saw her last!