Thursday, June 16, 2011

Train Riding and Rafting

On Sunday, our good friends Heather and David arrived and we started out on an adventure of 3 days worth of fun filled days.

On Monday we went on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad-road on the train for several hours, disembarked, had some lunch by the river and then went white water rafting! It was such a blast! Here is the train, waiting for departure.
Beautiful views of countryside from the train

A gorgeous lake along the way. It just kept going and going! There were a lot of neat houseboats out on it.

HI! :)

We went winding along the Nantahala River-saw lots of rafters!

Played peek-a-boo by the ice cold water

Hugs with the sis. :)

And here is the link to our picture -WHITE WATER RAFTING! It won't let me actually upload it onto here-and the actual picture costs like 20.00-so outrageous.... anyways, click on the link and you can see our wild expressions. :)

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  1. It was a blast!! Such a fun day! Great pictures sis!! Miss you all already! *hugs*