Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Last week found us very submerged in our church's VBS program! Every evening from around 6pm until 9pm we were to be found at the church, helping out and watching the program. It really was a lot of fun. Even though it left us very tired! The kids had a blast and they keep talking about VBS and all the fun they had and the things that they learned. The theme was The Shepherd. Every evening, the coordinator, Mrs. Monica taught the children lessons from Jesus, our Shepherd. My children remember these lessons and have been talking about them every day!
I led out in the music. We had between 25 and 39 children in attendance every evening. It was fun to hear the kids learn the new songs and really start to sing. They loved to sing!

My kids LOVED loved LOVED the craft time each evening. I mean, crafts?! Messiness?! Glue?! Etc etc?! They were in Heaven! :)

They also had a really fun kitchen time where they got to actually MAKE their own snacks! They made banana caterpillars, carob oat no bake cookies, popcorn balls and veggie dip for their veggies. They also made playdough and played with that as well.

They had great teachers and assistants and all of the kids got well cared for.

What's next?!

Nature time was fun as well- no pics though! They did leaf rubs, and some of the older kids got to make suet feeders for the birds and they learned about new baby animals each evening.

The kids also got to make their own T-shirts with a picture of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, holding a little lamb.

What a fun filled week. "When are we going to VBS again, mommy?!"


  1. Looks like they had a good time!! Maybe I will muster up enough courage to do VBS next year at church. Still tossing the idea around.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous VBS. A ton of work though! Good job making it through the week with three little ones!