Monday, June 20, 2011

Weather talk, VBS and mainly just this and that

It's really been an odd summer thus far. What? oh. It's not officially summer yet, you say? Well, whatever.... I say it's summer. Haha!
Weather wise, we went from freezin' cold, lots and lots of rain, storms, hail, tornados, etc etc... To blazin' hot, scorchin' sun and NO rain. Now we've had nearly a week of rain back again. It's been odd I'm tellin' ya! I just don't know how to plan! Water fun? Nice, but when it was blazin' hot and dry, our well was also going dry on us, so not so great for running the hose when there's laundry to do! And now that we've had rain and the well is probably faring better, now it's raining and "cool-er." I'm desperately trying to keep my brain busy to occupy the hands of my children. They are always needing things to do. And it's especially hard when the baby is awake and on the move to focus my sole attention on the two older ones and keep them busy too!
To be honest, I have these ideas-sort of- but then I dismiss them because I think "uh... too labor intensive. Too much clean-up involved." LOL! Aren't I awful?! Well, this Sunday evening our church started 5 nights of Vacation Bible School. I've been leading the music for it and we've been bringing the kids. It makes for a rather late night, which can be hard for the next day, but the kids are having so much fun! They especially like craft time and snack time-where they get to make their own snack. How much more fun and hands on can you get?! And the best thing is- I don't have to clean it up! Muah-hahaha. Oh, yeah... I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh. There are people who DO have to clean it up and thank you SOooooo SO much for doing so!!! We are loving the program!!!
Suffice it to say, I'm not stressing myself out too much this week thinking about anything much more than VBS in the evening and then we're just going low key the next day. Stories, games, bikes, walks around the yard, playing on the swingset... stuff like that. And I'm keeping up with dishes and (maybe) laundry.
I've also had different types of beans either soaking or cooking in the crockpot. Yesterday I soaked garbanzos and last night I cooked them on low overnight. Today the kids at chickpeas for their snack and the protein really helped their overall mood. Then I made the rest into Hummus. Impressive, eh? Today I soaked Pinto beans and tonight they are cooking. I think it's kind of a neat idea to have the crockpot put to good use and have terrific high protein nutrition readily available!
Mike's birthday is coming up on the first and I have some ideas floating around in my head. I really hope that most of them come to fruition! I'd love for him to have a really good birthday. He's such a great husband and dad and I'd really love the best for him on his special day.
And now, since it's 10:03 pm. I think It's time for me to hit the hay for the night.
Adios and Buenos Noches. :)
Good night to all and to all a Good night.

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