Friday, July 22, 2011

Blessing's Through Trials

This week has definitely been a tough one for me. Due to a severe infection in my bottom wisdom tooth I have basically been unable to eat and chew anything for the entire week. I have been in excruciating pain. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep all the way through for this whole week. As soon as this infection clears up somewhat I will be getting both bottom wisdom teeth extracted. And then I will endure another round of pain, but at least it will be the end of it all!

At any rate, I started out this week thinking and praying, "c'mon God! Heal my pain! Make it all better! Why don't you heal people when they ask for healing?" So many different circumstances were going through my head of people that God had chosen not to heal. And yet He is a God of love and mercy. I just wasn't really seeing at. Kind of wondering why He couldn't heal the simplest thing such as a tooth infection.

And then I went through the phase of "I can't handle all of this! I can't deal with all of this pain, all of these sleepless nights, no food! PLUS taking care of three kids all day!"

I really began pondering the whole situation, trying to come to peace with it. And then I realized something very clearly. Jesus never promises to take away all of our earthly afflictions. But He does promise to go with us through those hard times. He promises to give us strength to endure and grant us peace amidst storm.

As I began to realize this, my prayers began to change. "Lord, give me strength to get through this day. Please be with me through this pain and give me peace. Help me to endure."

And do you know what? He has. No, it hasn't been easy. Not whatsoever. But I have been gaining insight through it all. And as my husband mentioned-this pain is going to be nothing compared with the things we will have to endure in the end of times. If I can't handle a "little" tooth infection pain without murmuring and complaining, whatever will I do then?! Talk about a kick in the rear! :)

So, yeah... lots of learning. Many areas to grow in and right about now? I could eat a horse! (well....not really. Hahah!)

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