Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Charts, Incentives and Accomplishment

Last night I laid out my plans for today. I wrote out the things that I wanted and needed to accomplish today. My list went something like this:

~Time with God

~Fold and put away laundry (8 loads)

~Make bread

~Create Sticker Reward chart

~Set up House Rules

~Vacuum whole house

~Think about: creating one on one time with each child and something to do during that special time with each child.

I got that bread made.

I got that laundry folded (picture not included. lol!)

I spent time with the Lord

I created charts.... Here's the link for more great downloadable free charts. I am also using one for bedtime routines-love that!

We sat down and made a list of House Rules. The kids helped me and told me what they thought should be made a House Rule and what the consequence should be if it was not followed. Very insightful really! They are all very simple. There are only 5. But I expect them to be followed. We also talked about our Incentive chart. Each child has one. Hannah's deals with the topic of Independance. Since she struggles with being able to go to her room, the bathroom, etc etc on her own without "being scared." Nathan's is on the topic of Good Behavior- ei: being nice to sisters, not hitting, etc...

So now we have a prize box hidden away for once a week treats. I have filled it with all sorts of goodies-thanks to the dollar store- and these children will be rewarded for good behavior!

I must say that by the time I was finished with all of this-not to mention dishes, cleaning and organizing Hannah's room with her, making meals and all the misc. of the day... I wanted to zonk out on the grass just like my sweet little baby girl! :)

Instead.... I gave baths, and read stories, fed bottles and cajoled a little stinker of a boy back to his bed (for the umpteenth time. maybe we need a reward chart for this as well?)

Also today I did a bit of planning for our upcoming school year. Thoughts on that to come! :) Meanwhile, I ordered a VBS program from Rod and Staff to do with Hannah during our soon to come "one on one time." I think she will really like it. It's simple and she will be learning alot of Biblical wisdom-along with spending quality time with Mama. Still thinking on exactly what I will be doing with Nathan and still need to work on exactly WHEN this is going to happen in the day!

It was a good but long day and I am ready to hit the hay once again....

Goodnight all!

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