Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day to Chill

Today we're relaxing. We're taking it easy. We are regrouping. It's been sooo super hot here. And humid on top of it all. Since yesterday was so busy and productive, today is being relaxed and relatively unproductive. I had nothing on my to-do list today. Other than "feed kids, do dishes, take naps and play." And that's what we've done! We played in the water! Even Rebecca is learning to enjoy it! We played on the swings! We read stories outside on the front porch and ate cucumbers with Ranch for our midmorning snack. (well the kids did that. I didn't. lol) We ate lunch inside (how's Great Northern beans, corn and carrots with a whole wheat bun sound?) And now we are resting for that afternoon siesta. Hannah is chattering to herself in her room, Nathan is sleeping and so is Rebecca...

We're just chilling. And it feels good.

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