Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It Starts With Me

The atmosphere of the home may be cloudy or it may be sunny. Whichever way it ends up is largely up to the Mother.

If my attitude is dark and stormy. If I am easily agitated and irritable. If I am tired and just "want out," if I am stressed... it all shows up in the faces of my little ones. Now don't get me wrong, we all have those days when our attitudes are less than ideal, but shouldn't that be a very abnormal day, rather than the norm? We want our homes and our children to be full of sunshine and happiness! Yes, some of their attitudes are of their own choosing, but it is most of the time quite hard to remain irritable when all around is happiness, isn't it so?

My thoughts have been shifting more towards positive happiness and sunshine in my home. I want it to be happy and lighthearted. I want there to be obedience, love and respect for all. I want home to be a pleasant place to be.

And so, I have been working. Alot. And much of it has to do with me. If I get frusterated and dispair, the whole day can go "down the tubes." In a flash.

I have been concentrating on characters. We all want characters ready and fit for Heaven, yes? And we all know we have lots to do in this area, right? I know I do. My attitude at times positively stinks! And yet, I expect my children to exemplify happiness and obedience-even when I am in a bad mood? Or complaining outwardly about something?

Every morning whilst I am showering I beg for mercy and I plead for strength. Because I know that it is Him alone Who can supply me with endurance to make it through the day. And there are times when I have to go into the (bathroom) and reunite myself with The Strength and The Power to make it through the next moment and to pray for patience and determination to see a situation through to the end. And there are times when I fail and the outcome is far from ideal. And I feel sad about those times. Because it is those situations when I needed Him the most, and yet I didn't ask. Therefore, I did not recieve.

After connecting myself to Jesus first thing, after a hurried breakfast time (and I am still working on how to streamline this time more smoothly. It is such a harried and tense time of the day for me. Trying to get everyone breakfasts, shower myself, get Mike off to work, empty dishwasher, cleaning up kitchen etc...) Around 10:00 after I put the baby down for her morning nap, I gather the children and we have Bible time. We read a devotional, we sing, we pray. We gather strength and happiness for our day. And then we fill out sticker charts for the morning's chores, for the night before, and character achievement charts-lots of positive reinforcements. It makes the kid's happy. It makes them feel good. I am filling them up with the good rather than the negative. I think this has been a big key element lately to have some good attitudes and a willingness to do what is right-they are well rewarded with big thank-you's, hugs and stickers. It makes them more apt to do what is right rather than what is wrong. Afterwards, we head outside for some morning play time to get the energy out.

Another thing I have been diligently working on is having a good midmorning snack for them. Something that is full of nutrition. This morning we made a big veggie tray and dip together and that's what they had. And then we have story time and read together. It's a bonding time they love.

The moments get harried again close to afternoon naptime and I find myself hanging on by a bare thread, just trying to hold on until I get them all bedded down and I can finally sigh a big sigh and catch my breath for a moment! If I can make it to here, I know I am in a good place! Haha! Because, after naptimes-if they all go well- soon after they wake up, Mike will be home and that always is a welcome relief! :)

I just want to end this by saying, mom's don't give up. I know we get discouraged at times. It's rough going. It's probably the toughest job there is. I know it's 24/7, 365 days a year care and stress, but I also know that we have an Agent by our side and He is ever ready and willing to help us at ALL times. We just have to remember that. When we're having that really rough day let's get back on track. Sing some songs, read some encouraging Bible passages. Say a prayer in the bathroom, talk to a friend(start with Jesus and then maybe a close friend?)! But get back with Jesus ASAP! He's the Way, the Truth and the Light. And He wants the very best for our homes.

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