Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Dull Blog/Busy Weekend

Yeah... this little space of the web sure has been boring lately, hasn't it? Surely it's not for lack of excitement around the homefront! Very much the opposite! We have been keeping so so busy lately that it's hard for me to sit down and find the time to write about it and make it sound and look good on a page for y'all to read!
The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of business and lack of sleep/schedules. Making for some pretty tired/cranky kids and a tired/cranky mom (that's just trying to cope and succeed with this whole smorgasboard!)
The latest and greatest has been this past 4th of July weekend. We really really had a wonderful weekend. Mike's birthday was on Friday. I had been planning it for some time and really hoped for it all to turn out great. It didn't. I was sorely dissapointed. He ended up getting someone to rent one of our large warehouses. Trouble is, this warehouse had been vandelized this spring and all the electrical wiring and boxes were stolen and torn out of the (very large) warehouses. So you may be catching on to the dilemma! He had someone to rent the place, but they wanted to start their lease on Friday! So he had two days to get the whole place rewired and ready to rent! Plus checking water lines (which ended up to be spouting leaks all over the back yard of all places). he certainly had his work cut out for him and spent a crazy busy week doing all of this. So Friday was his last day at this place and everything that could go wrong did, PLUS, our dog was here at home having a dozen puppies. So when he finally got home, he had to tend to them as well (since I couldn't really do anything about it with the three kiddies in tow). By the time he was finally inside and his grandparents had shown up for some dinner and cake, well... I was pretty tuckered out myself and I still had to go to the store to get some things for the weekend. (I had been waiting all day for Mike to get home so I could go! The kids were beyond crazy that day and I was not about to take them with me.) So, after I had the Taco's (3 different kinds!) all ready for everyone I skedaddled out the door in a sour mood and headed off to the store. Got home in time for the cake and then cleaned everything up and got the kid's to bed.
Next morning we headed to church, I led singing and tried to keep the kids all sitting nicely in the pew-we made it for most of the service! Came home, had lunch, tried to get the kids down for a nap, but NONE of them would sleep. I rested a bit on the couch, just trying to get my tired eyes to function. Sooooo tired. Then got up and got a BIG fruit salad made for that evening's "Meet and Greet" for our new pastor and his wife! Made fruit salad and punch and cut up canteloupe to bring. Loaded everything and everyone up into the car and took off for the church. Had an enjoyable vespers (albeit a hot one! The a/c in the church wasn't working too well for some reason!) got to know everyone and our new pastor better and then had refreshments afterwards. I kept very busy getting everything out and ready, getting my kids settled in their seats and fed, cleaning up afterwards (thank you to the ladies who helped me!) and chatting a bit with those that were there. Finally left, Nathan had fallen asleep on Mike's shoulder, baby was exhausted and Hannah fell asleep on the way home.
Next day was Sunday and Mike worked in the garden getting the weeds at bay and mowing the yard while I made sense out of the kitchen and cleaned the house. By the time all of that was finished, I got some lemonade made, watermelon together, cucumbers and tomatoes sliced and some cookies out of the freezer and we loaded up again and headed to some friend's house down the road for a picnic! They had it all set up under shade trees in their back yard. It was really nice! We had veggie burgers, baked beans, chips, watermelon etc... Nice conversations, good friends for the kids to play with, yummy food. Got it made! Rebecca was pretty tired aND hot. I got her to sleep and laid her on a blanket, but she didn't last for too long before she was up again. We stayed til evening and then got home and put the kids to bed.
Monday, Mike decided to take off from work and we relaxed. I cut his hair. The kids played in their sandbox. We made a little trip to Walmart. We came home and napped. We had a yummy supper of baked veggies and BBQ'd gluten and apple pie, then went on a geocaching adventure and got some energy out. Came home, got the baby to sleep and then our friends came over to watch while we shot off fireworks! Fun fun! :) It was 10:30 by the time we got the kids to bed. *sigh* Another late night.
Tuesday morning, Mike was off to work and I was left to handle three cranky chil'ren on my own. And boy are they full of it. I have been doing laundry all day today and have barely made a dent in it. There is just so much of it to do! Got the kids outside to play in the heat. Came inside and fed them watermelon and put them for their naps. Nathan just woke up. Hannah hollered off and on her whole naptime needing this or that or wanting to come out but looking exhausted the entire time. Sure wish she would have slept. Because now she is whining and crying about picking up the things she played with on her bed and she's not at all rested. Looks like we have a grumpy evening ahead! Nathan says he's very hungry. So i guess I'll have to muster my tired self off the couch and find him something to fill that tummy of his! :)
So there you have it. The reason for my very dull blog. And if you've made if to the end of this dialogue, you must be a very devoted friend of mine..... ;)
Here's to a restful quiet week ahead! (I HOPE!)
Maybe I'll get some pictures up some day!

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  1. I'm feeling tired just reading about your life lately! I hope things are more relaxing soon. :) You're amazing.