Monday, July 11, 2011

The Plan-Homeschool 2011/2012

We have a plan! I have been working on compiling a 2011-2012 school year plan for our homeschool and I have succeeded! I am really excited to share with you what we are planning on doing this upcoming year.

Since Hannah will be 5 and Nathan is 3, we will be compiling some grade levels together to make it understandable for both age levels. Some things, such as Art, I will be doing on both levels.

Bible: Arthur Maxwell's The Bible Story, Keepers of the Faith Character Studies

English/Phonics: 100 Lessons to Read, Bob Books, ABC flashcards, Leapfrog

Health: Rod and Staff grade 2 health- simple stories illustrating good points on manners, etc

History: Rod and Staff Geography grade 2, History Stories on famous people, etc

Science: Simple science experiments (found a great website), 1st grade Abeka Science, will be reading the Homestead series and other story formatted books learning about different animals and habitats, also learning about weather.

Math: Workbooks, Abacus, learning to tell time with a clock,

Art: Abeka K3 and K4 art packs

I am really excited to begin our new school year. We'll probably start either the end of August or September 1st. Now I need to finagle our schedule so as to fit a time slot in for this great learning time!

For the rest of the summer I plan on doing Rod and Staff's Vacation Bible School program with Hannah for her age level of Kindergarten. I want to take some special time to spend with her.

We'll also do some art projects-maybe paint another canvas?? :)

Mainly we are working on character training this summer.... and of course all the time. ;)

What are your school plans for the upcoming year if you are homeschool? Would love to hear!

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  1. Hi there, I found your blog through Women Living Well. I decided to check out your post because I too just posted some of my plans for the year. It's always great to get ideas from other moms. Take care and enjoy your year of learning.