Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bible School and What's to Come!

This week, we have been busy doing Rod and Staff's/Christian Liberty's Bible School (the Kindergarten II). We are loving it! Such wholesome and easy crafting activities, a pointed Bible story that reiterates it's point over and over again so that the kids really know what the story is all about by the time we are done, and easy to follow lesson plans for the teacher. (aka,mom)
We start at 10:00am, just after I lay the baby down for her morning nap. And we commense to learning for the next hour to hour and a half. The children love the structured learning time and it gives me the assurance that we are doing something profitable with our morning hours!

I expect that we will be doing this book for the rest of the month of August, after which we will be starting our homeschool 2011-2012 school year. Most likely on September 5th will be our first day of school. I worked today on a simple fall schedule that will include time for schooling and will be sharing that with you all soon. I am also working on some simple chore ideas for the children to do during our morning hour of clean-up, and probably some new meal plans as well. All soon to come!

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