Monday, August 29, 2011


So much clarity has come to me. I can see clearly the path defined. My kids were meant to be kids. Jumping in the puddles. Riding bikes through the rain.
Smiles of joy on their faces as mama runs with them.

Getting soaked and wet, but having oh so much fun.

I relooked at and re-prayed over the plan I had for homeschool this year and I really do like it. The reading program I think will wait until later, but the rest we will keep. It's doable, and it's workable. And I feel at peace with it.

I took some time, looked over the books some more, saw how many chapters in each and I am thrilled because it really only requires reading a chapter a week. That means I can do Health and Manners one day, Science another day, History/Social Studies on the following day, and Art the day after that. One "extra subject" a day with Math concepts and early Reading concepts (mainly easy workbooks on both reading and math) on each of those four days, as well as Bible learning. We'll do this program 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday, leaving Friday for Sabbath preparation.

The books I have chosen for our "extra subjects" I won't be doing any tests with or anything like that for now, just reading, discussing and asking questions regarding. Simple and do-able.

Praise God for prayer, praying friends, LOTS of "B" vitamins, rest, and freedom from the pain that I've had in my mouth for so long. (due to wisdom tooth surgery and a terrible infection before that.)
~God will make a way~

He know's our heart's desires and He longs to bring clarity to our hearts and minds.

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  1. Sounds awesome! I'm sure it will be great whatever you decide to do!