Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Embracing Motherhood

Let's face it, motherhood is a full time job, around the clock care. There are not many breaks scheduled in between either!

But we've wanted to be mother's since before we can remember. It's built into many of us, this innate desire to love and to nurture. Yet now, here we are, three noisy little children (in my case) surrounding us and we wonder how we got here and what on earth to do with them all! How to cope? How to manage? How to survive? How to THRIVE?!

I'm learning to embrace it all. ;)

I'm coming to realize that this is just the way it is right now.

Children are children.

They are noisy. They are full of mischief. They are full of life. They aren't perfect.

I'm not sure exactly how this reality suddenly sank in. But it did. Perhaps it just comes over time...

I am more accepting of the fact that my baby (or my 3 yr. old for that matter!) is probably not going to sit on my lap (or sleep) perfectly quiet for me for the entire duration of a church service. There's bound to be some noise, there's bound to be some squirms. It's ok to take them out. It's ok if they make (some) quiet noises in church. It's ok if we have to leave before the service is over. I am coming to realize that we all have our limitations and we all have our expectations as well. As parents, we cannot expect our children to exceed their limitations. Yes, we always aim for their best, but if a child is tired or hungry or not feeling well you can't plan for perfect behavior. I am learning not to feel bad or like a failure when these situation arrive. We simply remove ourselves. In the end, we all are happier and less stressed.

I am seeing that there are many teachable moments throughout the day in which to instill good morals and values into our children.

I am learning to nip bad behavior in the bud and to react the first time rather than after the offense has been repeated three times and now I am worked up (as well as the child! not a good combo) This way, I am still calm and I can remove the child from the situation alot more quietly.

It's all a learning process, this thing called motherhood. The children and I, we're learning together. We're both not perfect, but we're works in progress. I am taking the time to get to know them for who they are and realizing their individual strengths and weaknesses. They are all so precious.

I am realizing more than ever that this early childhood time is extrememly fleeting. Before I know it, babyhood, toddlerhood and early childhood will be gone forever. Never to be reclaimed. This mission of motherhood is one to be treasured, not endured!

I'm praying daily for peace and contentment and I've come to "grips" with motherhood. I'm loving it more every day. I'm embracing it. Yes, there are those moments when I long to "get away" or for there to be blissful quiet, but for the moment, I am here and I am striving to embrace every moment.

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