Monday, August 15, 2011

Is Your Marriage Fireproof?

Lately, I have been thinking alot on the the topic of marriage and its sacredness.

How can I, how can you fireproof it and make it strong to last for a lifetime? What are certain steps one must take to guard against the crumbling of something sacred and a union meant to last a lifetime?

Late last week I was devastated to find out that someone that I held in high esteem as a man with much zeal for his family and especially his marriage, confessed to having an affair. Honestly, I was crushed. Especially since this person travelled worldwide preaching messages on how to foolproof your marriage! It really let me see that the Devil doesn't care who he gets to fall, just so long as they do. It really let me see that NO one is safe from temptation or free from the possibility of falling into sin. Although I feel very sad about this situation, I also do forgive him in my heart, for I know that "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Though this man may not have the same message as before, God can use this situation and turn it into something good. By becoming broken, this individual will have a stronger message than ever, only with a different tune-If he fully rely's on God for the healing of his life and that of his wife's.

So all this being said, wow. What are some ways that I can fireproof my marriage? What can I do to have a strong relationship with the man that I love?

1. Guard my mind/thoughts from evil. So much of what happens in our lives is premeditated. If I am harboring thoughts about another man in my heart, eventually something is going to happen. The best thing to do if any of these thoughts enter our minds is to nip them in the bud and pray to Jesus to remove these thoughts immediately.

2. Guard our eyes. This really goes hand in hand with guarding our thoughts. For what we see, enters our minds and becomes food for thought. God made us all individuals. Not all of us are going to look like some movie star out there! But if we have fallen in love with our spouse, we know their heart and if their hearts are pure and loving and their character is strong, these are the things that we should be dwelling on more fully than just their outward appearance. (not to say that we don't want to look nice for our spouses!) But if we see someone half naked, turn away! Don't dwell on them and their bodies!

3. Focus on the positive. Strive to only think good thoughts towards and about your spouse. Don't dwell on their negatives. We ALL have negative factors! Focus on the good! Remember only the good. Write down the things you love about them. Share with others the things you love about them!

4. Be close. Be intimate. Hold hands. Give hugs. Give kisses. Show each other that you love one another.

5. Talk. Commune with each other. Discuss everything together. Become one.

6. Pray pray pray and pray some more. The devil is out to destroy families and he wants to break your marriage apart into crumbles. He doesn't want you to be happy with the person you married. he wants you to think there is someone out there who is better suited for you. he wants to make you think that you made a mistake. But you PRAY that devil away. Marriage is for keeps.

7. Genuinely care about your spouse. Offer your assistance. Show that you care about them and their day and their troubles. Be there for them.

There is so much more I am sure that I could mention, but there are the things that I have thought of right now. It's just such a burden on my heart right now. If you are struggling in your marriage right now, take it immediately to the foot of the cross and beg for Jesus' help. He's there and He is the best help you could ever ask for.

Also, as I was contemplating writing this post, I read an excellent post on this same topic! It's found over at The Modest Mom Blog and I know you will be as blessed as I was to read it. It covers some of the same things that I mentioned, but she does such a beautiful job in writing it.

God bless us all as we strive to live for Him!

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  1. Yeah, I was pretty devestated by the news, as well. I feel like it is happening to someone in my family. I am just so sick over it! And part of me thinks, well, if it happened to him - what hope do I have!!!!!! (Which is exactly how Satan is going to try to destroy all the good work they have done for so many families. Honestly, I don't know if my husband will be able to read their books anymore. It's just really shaken us up.