Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No More Noise, Please!

I gave myself permission to remove all noise making toys from the toy box.

Radical? Perhaps. Necessary for my sanity? INDEED!

Do you know how much confusion those noisy toys cause?! I'm sure most of you do! They create unnecessary chaos added to chaos. Which in turn? Creates more chaos. Haha!

My nerves were becoming shot from constant noise.

You know the situation. The child likes the noise that a certain toy makes, so they push the button that makes that noise, over and over and over again. Until you feel like you are going to either pull your hair out or scream!

Somehow we think that these toys are ok and that we are obligated to keep them around. The grandma or the aunt gave them to the child. The child likes the toy. Whatever will the child do without this toy? It would be terrible to eliminate it from the toy selection!

But do you know what I found out?

Your child won't even miss it!

My kids don't even know they are missing from their toy stash!

I found out some other things as well.

My children are more creative without the noise making toys. They make their own noises instead. They are playing creatively and using their imagination more!

My children are consistently calmer without the noisy toys. Of course they are kids, they make noise themselves! But their systems are less hyped without the extra added noise.

Most noise makers are nonsense anyways. Many of them are just silly little ditties filling your child's head with nonsense, when instead, they could be filling themselves up with wholesome stuff instead! Without a noisy toy to contend with, a parent could turn on a Bible story tape and the child could actually hear that instead. Or how about Scripture music? Fill your child's mind up with the good rather than the neutral or the negative nonsense.

Now all this being said, there are those things few and far between that can actually be educational or have purpose. Such as some little childrens learning computers, to help the child learn certain reading or math skills and such. But even these should be kept for specific times throughout the day, otherwise, they will fill your home with noise as well if not used properly!

Choose your children's toys wisely and don't feel bad if you need to remove some from your children's stash. Most of them, if you don't make a big deal out of it, they will never miss.

~Whatsoever things are lovely, think on these things. Phil. 4:8~

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