Friday, August 5, 2011


Obedience means so much. It's makes a world of difference in a family. Obedience is key to having a peaceful home.

Unfortunately, obedience must be trained into our children (and into us for that matter!). It doesn't just come naturally. And in some of us, it comes harder than in others. Such is the case with my ever lovin' boy. He's a real case at times. But he has to be worked with, for he is only growing bigger and these negative character traits are becoming more ingrained by the day. Not to say that he can't also be the sweetest, most loving, adorable little boy on the face of the earth, but when he doesn't want to be those things.... well. It's not cute. He's a very stubborn character. And I'd love for that stubbornness to be shaped into a good trait, rather than a bad one.

We are always working on this subject of Obedience, but lately, more than ever, I have been seeing how MUCH I am needing to work on it with my Nathan. It takes serious consistency. A never giving in (stubbornness??) on my part to always see through what I've asked of him.

Just this morning I asked Nathan and Hannah to pick up their blocks. Hannah quickly complied, while Nathan thought of every excuse in the book as to why he couldn't pick up blocks. After Hannah had filled the large bucket filled with blocks I asked her to stop and told her that Nathan could pick up the rest since he hadn't been of help. Well of course he didn't want to. I decided to put him in the corner and told him if he didn't want to pick up blocks, he could stand facing the wall for a couple of minutes instead. After those 2 minutes, I asked if he was ready to pick up blocks. He was not. So, I turned his nose back to the corner once more for another minute and then asked him again. No. He was not ready. He was tired. (mmhmm. right.) After a bit he decided he was going to pick up blocks. But I must say he started out verrrrry slowly, and you could tell his heart was not in the right place. So I prayed and then told Nathan that he really needed to work quickly and see how fast he could get the blocks put away. No go. I took him back to the corner, because, I said, "it doesn't look like you are really ready to pick up your blocks." After one more minute in the corner, he decided he could pick his blocks up quickly. And he did. I never did see a boy move so efficiently! All those complaints of being tired. Or hungry. Or having a hurt leg. Or anything else he could think of were gone. I offered him a nap afterwards, but he declined with a smirk saying he wasn't really tired. Yeah. Thought so. ;)

So there was one battle that we won together and I am thankful. He has a really hard time helping out his sister with their daily little chores together and he needs to help. The work is simple, it's just a matter of whether he wants to cooperate or not.

His second battle of the day was mealtime. Folks, I have been struggling with this fellow on the subject of meals for a long time. Lately all he seems to think he needs and wants is milk. So he'll lug the jug out of the fridge at any ole time and fill himself a glass of milk and slurp it down. Trouble is, then he's not hungry when it's actually time to eat! Well today I made a delicious stiryfry and some seasoned bulgar wheat for lunch. Very tasty and very nutritious. Which is what I like to serve my family. (nutritious) I put a small portion on the children's plates. Hannah snarfed hers down, loving every bite. Nathan took a look and then decided he needed a toy at the table. Upon arriving back at the table, I took the toy away and told him it was time to eat, he could play with said toy after his meal. So he sat there, refusing to eat and then got down and scampered away to return with another toy. I took that one too and told him he had to eat his yummy meal. He didn't like it too well. I had him open his mouth and he took a bite. And then another and another and with persistence, he ate nearly everything on his plate. All those vegetables (except for the carrots-for some reason!), and all that nutrition, he ate it. And he enjoyed it. And he was filled with nourishment. And it was another battle won.

I can see how much happier our home will be once we are having more consistent victories! Especially once they are first time victories!

Please pray that I will have courage and stamina to keep pressing through these struggles so that we can come out on the other side happier and peaceful. :)

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  1. It takes a lot of energy to fight these battles. It's so worth it, but much work. Good job on the successes today!! Tim has been filling in the gaps in my parenting lately. I'm just so worn out. I've got two very stubborn boys these days...