Monday, August 8, 2011

Rebecca:11 months

She's happy. She's sweet. She's a real JOY. She's right in the middle of everything. She doesn't mind getting dirty.
She's still loving to climb. And slide. And swing.

She's still quite an eater and loves trying new things-very cautiously. :)

She has two teeth and I think another is on it's way, just not sure where yet!

She is standing without support, but not walking without help quite yet. Soon!

She loves trees and is always pointing at them saying- "dat" She also likes to point at lights and say "dat." She says Mama and Dada. Hi and Bye. "Duh" for done. "Mmmmm" for yummy and more. "more dat" when she wants more. And probably a few things I am not thinking of at the moment. Moving right along! I can't believe that next month she'll be ONE!!

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  1. I can't believe she is almost one already!! My how time flies by!!