Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometimes I Just don't Know

Sometimes I just don't know.... sometimes I think that PreK/Kindergarten would be an excellent decision for us. School a couple days a week. Actually learning from someone other than myself, mingling with other people-interacting. I love the concept of homeschool, but sometimes I wonder if I am really up to it. Can I really do it? I have the ideas, but it's hard to implement them. I know, I know, we haven't even started school yet this year, but we are close-and it looks daunting in some ways! I have a kid extremely eager to learn and I wonder if I can do the teaching that I ought to be doing?(amidst two other demanding little ones plus housework!) Am I really creative enough?
And then I think. Man. If I don't homeschool I will be considered a complete failure. After all- I was homeschooled and it's the right thing to do, right? But wow, I don't want to do it out of guilt!
On the flip side, I like my children home with me. I like flexibility. I like being able to impress upon my children's mind's what I'd like to have there (does that sound controlling? no. Just being real- who wants worldy trash infiltrated into our kid's mind's when it could be of Jesus and His ways?) And, what kid's will they really be around in that sort of a situation? Whiners and temper tantrumers, disobeyers? Good kids? sick kids? Responsible kids? I just don't know! Probably some of all. And we're not talking a public system here. If I ever sent my children somewhere it would be to a Christian school setting.
So let's hear it! What do you have to say? What's BEST in your minds? For some of you more experienced in years, what would you do if you had to do it over again? Is there one right way in your minds? What are pros and cons for those of you who experienced both sides of the coin?
NOT looking for bashing here, just your thoughts. Plain and simple. There's no right or wrong answer in my mind. Just wanting to hear from you. :) Let the conversations begin.


  1. =) No BEST way. Sometimes one is better, sometimes the other is better. I have been feeling the same way -- just SO uncertain about whether I can really DO this!! So much planning and nervous about implementing. There's just something different about "teacher" vs "mom". But we'll do what's best at the time. God will help us make the right choices and help everything work out for good. :)

  2. I feel exactly the way you do about all the reasons to keep my 4 and 3 yr. old home. I am very passionate about keeping them home away from influences I can't control. Our social life has seriously taken a hit as we've become more picky about playmates as our children get older.


    There have been days that I would like to call up our little Adventist school and enroll my 4 yr. old just so I can have some time and some peace of mind. And to be very honest, I am quite certain that if I had 3 (like yourself) I would very seriously consider some part time pre-K because, let's just be honest, I ain't supermom! If you do decide to do some part time, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT allow yourself to feel like a failure. You are the furthest thing from a failure and you will not become a less godly mom if you provide your child with some outside educational opportunities. As mothers of this ilk, we are protective, we are simple, we are deeply devoted to raising our children for heaven - but we are not above admitting when the time has come for a little help.

    I think if you allow your precious Hannah to be exposed to another teacher, who loves Jesus and has been professionally trained to teach children her age, I think that is a choice you can be proud of. You can not do it all. It's okay to to admit when reinforcements are needed.

    Also, if you see things that you do not like - i.e. the negative influences of other children, you can always bring her back home, quick as can be. It's not a forever decision, putting her in part time pre-k. It's just a chance for mama to get some balance and for Hannah to learn some different (good) things.

    You don't lose if you enroll her in school. You don't win if you do. I'm just saying - if you feel like you need to, want to, might go a little crazy if you don't, then you should consider it. And you are not less of an awesome mother than you already are!

    Fast and pray. The Lord will give you peace when you decide yes or no. He will give you strength for your days. He will give you wisdom. He will tell you what is very best for Hannah and your family. He is faithful.

    God bless you, Storie