Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where do I Start?!

I'm not even sure where to start. So much water has passed under the bridge since I last recorded a real honest to goodness blog of life on here.

One week we went to the zoo with the kid's cousin who was up visiting from Florida, I had a friend from church over and we made bread together, shared lunch and a walk, and on Friday we went to Splash Country (a fun water park) with Hannah and Nathan and their cousin and one of their uncles.

The next week (which was last week) was pretty full with a Dentist consultation (in preparation for wisdom teeth surgery), cleaning the house in preparation for the impending trip to Florida to sell puppies, Thursday was my surgery, Friday was spent recovering and trying to get packed and ready for Sabbath, church on Sabbath and Sunday was a very very full day of packing and cleaning the house, loading the truck and preparing to leave the next morning. We got it all done and on Monday morning we headed out bright and early on our 13 hr. trip to Florida with puppies in tow. We made it. Praise God.

Tuesday was spent unloading, unpacking, deep cleaning a house that has been shut up since early Spring (think lots of must and mold, smelly carpet, SO glad for my air purifier and carpet cleaning sprinkles, etc!!!), a trip to the grocery store to fill the fridge and pantry, washing puppies, mowing grass, pressure washing the moldy house (outside), spraying wasp nests, etc! We sort of just fell into bed that night and hoped everyone around us would sleep too. We are all staying in one room and let me tell you, bedtime is very interesting.

Naptime is even more interesting.

Rebecca has had a rough time adjusting to napping in a new place and seemed quite scared for the first couple days being alone in her crib.

Wednesday was spent a bit more calmly as we were all pretty worn out and today (Thursday) we spent part of the morning going to Goodwill and finding some bikes for the kids to keep occupied with. They are extremely bored-we didn't bring any bikes or toys of any kind really down with us this time and so they are getting rather hyper-coupled with a new environment, schedule out of wack and getting into the juice bottle a few too many times!!! PLUS it is so steamin' hot down here that it's hard to just get outside and RUN off that excess energy! I thought Tennessee was hot!

Today makes a week so far that I have had no solid food to eat. I am ready to eat again. This makes two weeks in a four week period that I haven't had much to speak of in the way of food. (because of my aching mouth.) I have been enjoying making the family good meals down here, but alas, I can't eat along with them! I just drink my little smoothie or eat a bowl of pureed soup. Oh well... All in time, right?

SO! I need to tell you all about that surgery a week ago. YIKES. perhaps it should be a whole other post? Naw, guess I'll consolidate. ;) I wasn't allowed food or water past midnight on Wednesday. Went in on Thursday morning, they took me right back and gave me laughing gas, inserted an IV (one poke-why can't it be that easy when I go into labor at the hospital?!) Hooked me up to valium and whatever else to put me to sleep, and started talking to me about how old my kids were. It began taking me a bit longer to figure out the answers to the questions they were asking and before I knew it I was coming out of anesthesia and it was all over and the first thing I said was "oh! that didn't take too long!" (I guess it didn't, really. only about 30 minutes or so.) But it honestly felt like I hadn't even gone out. Course looking back I see that I did, but it was really pretty funny. LOL! Got my pain meds and antibiotic prescriptions filled, came home and had a smoothie and laid down and promptly fell asleep. And for the next 3 days I could just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Felt pain and swelling and used my ice packs with great frequency. The meds made me incredibly drowsy and "out of myself." So on Sunday I figured if I was ever to get things packed I wouldn't take them, so I sufficed with Motrin and it has worked just fine with none of those oh so drowsy side effects. Things are getting better, one side of my mouth still hurts and is a bit puffy, but I no longer look like a chipmunk! And I THINK I will be able to eat again- someday..... If I talk too much my jaw starts to really ache and hurt....

So. There you have it. Two weeks in a nutshell. HA! Did you make it?

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  1. I made it!! :) You are a trooper, girl. I can't even IMAGINE having surgery and then trying to pack up and move to Florida all in the same week. I'm sorry it's hot down there. I certainly hope you find some water for the kids to enjoy! Hope you'll be back in TN for the beautiful fall. :)