Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Inspirations (links to love)

I don't know about you, but I often struggle with being happy all the time. Yeah, I have good days and bad days (or weeks), but is happiness something that just happens to come my way? Or is it a choice? Laura wrote a wonderful article that really spoke to my heart today. Go read it here

And while we're on the topic of happiness, why not smile while we're going about all of our daily chores in the home? Blessed Homemaking has a great article on that topic. Read it here

And honestly, do I really LIKE my children? Sure, I love them. But do I really like them? *SMILE*. Amy writes a wonderful message here.

Of course, perhaps you just need a really good Pumpkin Bread recipe to add some joy to your weekend. Click Here for a recipe that will make your mouth water. It is SO good!

Or some Pumpkin Pie dip for those yummy fresh orchard apples? :)

Ok, so now that you've read all those great links, get off the computer and go play with your children. You know you like them. ;) Smile. And go make some of that pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie dip to feast on, and really, just get happy! :)
Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. As I look back over my life, I struggled and struggled to be happy all the time. I so wanted to just be a cheerful, happy person consistantly. Seemed as if happiness could be plucked from me at a moments notice. One second on a high, someone look at me cross-eyed and I would be on a low. (Can still happen) However, I have prayed and prayed for contentment, as the lack of happiness is the spirit of discontent, really.
    I found I had to work for it. You have to pay close attention as to when the devil starts bringing you negative thoughts and nix them on the spot! It is really a spiritual warfare as it is the enemy of our happiness that is out to bring us down. No way does he want us to be happy.
    So, one of the first things is to realize who is truly behind our unhappiness. We are not warring against people, or principalities, but the powers of darkness. If a person tries to bring us down, recognize, as Jesus did with Peter, who is being allowed to speak through them because of their unconversion. Jesus said "Satan, get thee behind me!"
    If I have allowed "unhappiness, and discontement to enter my mind, I will say aloud, "I am a child of God, He wants me to be happy, In the name of Jesus, I command discontentment and Unhappiness to leave my soul, and I ask Jesus to come in and fill me with much Joy! Then, I have to choose to let go of the feelings and then begin singing beautiful songs of praise. It is wonderful!
    My whole spirit and attitude changes.
    This is truly working together with the Lord.
    I do believe that depression can run in families as Satan knows our weaknesses.
    We need to also know who we are, what we want and where we want to head. A purpose and a goal.
    There is a new book out by Neil Nedley I would love to read on Emotional Quotient. This is how we deal with what people say to us. If we are weak in this area, we are going to fall apart. His book on Depression, a Way Out is really good also.
    I have found that I need goals, friends, music, activities.

  2. Thanks for the mention -- love your list of links! :) The week went by quickly, didn't it?!