Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frog Farm

With all the rain that Florida has been having of late, there is a regular frog-apocolypse. I mean, really. We've come out several mornings now to see the driveway just hopping with little frogs. They're everywhere!

So I decided it was time to show the kids how to make a "frog farm." Aka: a home for a few frogs. So, we collected grasses and leaves, made a water pool, etc... Then the kids got to work catching frogs. They sure had fun doing that. Nathan caught probably a good dozen or so. Then I asked, what are these frogs going to eat?
So we looked it up. Learned all about frogs and what they eat. Mainly small ants, knats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, bigger ones eat flies, etc... The kids thought that was pretty neat. But when I asked if they wanted to catch those things for them to eat, they were pretty reluctant. So, after watching them a while, by the end of the day we let them go to their freedom. ;) However, it was all a great lesson for them and now they know about frogs.

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