Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homeschool's Trucking Right Along

Homeschool is going so well for us! We started on our second/third week of it on Monday. I say second/third because we did it casually one week of that time while in Florida, the other two weeks have gone as planned.

(Here Hannah works on Math)

( She's on Number's 7 and 8 and learning how to write them out.)

Learning outside is lots of fun and I find that she concentrates very well and actually seems to do better. Her thought process seems to be clearer.
Hannah is doing amazingly well at Phonics. Far better than I would have thought possible already. We've worked on letter recognition for the past year now and it's all finally clicked in her mind. Now she's working on sounds and she's got most of them down as well. Now it's just formulating them all together in her mind, realizing how they work together to make words. She's becoming more interested in reading and knowing how it all works. It's pretty neat to see her mind working.
Each week day we have one "extra" subject and then Math, Phonics and Bible.
Monday: Health Habits and Manners
Tuesday: Science
Wednesday: Social Studies/History
Thursday: Home Ec (cooking, etc)
Friday: Art and Music Appreciation

For instance, today in Science we were studying the 5 senses. We've been working on them for the past 2 weeks now. We've finally come to the conclusion of them and as a review today we went over the 5 senses and Hannah picked 5 things that she likes best about each category. For example: She likes to SEE: Rainbows, apples, pumpkins, etc.... HEAR: Nice music, raindrops, trees crashing, etc... SMELL: Fresh air, candles, fresh mowed grass etc.... TASTE: watermelon, macaroni, potatoes, TOUCH: fuzzy puppies, chickens, prickly grass
I love how she came up with these all on her own! She was so creative!
After the initial pre-starting jitters, we've really come into a nice, smooth and easy routine that works.
Happy School Days!


  1. This all sounds very fun and well-organized. I love that it's getting easier for you. Us too. :) New things are always a bit of a rough go at first. Keep posting about what you're learning!!

  2. This sounds awesome! You are so organized! Way to go mama!! :)