Friday, September 23, 2011

Mercy Come Morning- a Review

In "Mercy Come Morning," Lisa Tawn Bergren seeks to unravel the tale of a mother and daughter, living in two separate worlds. Separated in part by Alzheimers. At first I didn't know if I would really get into the story of this book or if it would speak to my heart or wrap me into its soul. I thought perhaps it would be "just" a story. Nothing personal. But as the story unfolded, I began to see how the lessons that Krista Muella is learning and the thoughts and feelings she is experiencing, I, too have felt to some degree or another. As Krista looks back on her and her mother's life together she doesn't see much happiness in the past. All she feels like is that she's tried hard to please, it was never good enough, and perhaps it was all for nothing. But as she digs deeper and purposes to recall only the good, many memories resurface that have long been forgotten. Happy moments filled with laughter. Warm fuzzy feelings that she had not thought about in so long that they had nearly ceased to exist in her memory. I personally learned that it helps our outlook on life today and on our past tremendously when we can choose to focus on the good and the positive of its happenings.
Seasoned throughout the book are the welcoming aroma's of freshly made tortillas, homemade nachos fresh from the oven, soups and warm and inviting sauna's and hot tubs. It all felt so real I had to go make some nachos and homemade tortillas to enjoy! And that hot tub sure sounded nice.
Overall, if you are someone who struggles with thinking positively about the past, or you have a loved one suffering with Alzheimers you would benefit from the reading of this book.
Thanks to Multnomah Publishing for allowing me to do this free review!

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