Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Girls Share a Room

Isn't it pretty?! On Sunday morning I mentioned it to Mike that maybe we ought to just move Rebecca on in to Hannah's room, rather than keep putting it off. Next thing I knew, he was in Hannah's room, scooting her bed over, moving everything around, wheeling cribs in, ect. I thought it was so cute. He was really anxious to get our room back I guess! :) We scooted Hannah's bed over, making room for Rebecca's crib to butt up against the closet doors, then hung a quilt from the ceiling to divide the two beds. Moved the armoir down closer to the door and put the changing table/chest of drawers next to it.
Moved Hannah's dollhouse to the playroom and Nathan's work bench to his room. Moved the keyboard into my room. Put the rocking chair in the corner.

And Voila! With a few changes, a bit of re-arranging, we have a brand new bedroom. Looks so cozy and comfy. Rebecca has had no trouble adjusting. Has slept quite well in there really. (Though last night she gave us a bit of grief, being up for two hours in the middle of the night. However, she has done that before when the moon was at it's fullest so I highly doubt it had anything to do with her new surroundings.)

So, now my girls share a room. Hannah likes it she says (with a smile) So sweet. It's something I would have always loved to have had. It's kind of neat to see it being fulfilled in your daughters. Now Nathan looks longingly at the shared bedroom and laments that he needs a brother to share a room with.... aww... poor buddy.... =/

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