Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Excursion into Fall

The day was absolutely splendid. Sunshine. Bright blue sky. Delightful temperatures. Perfect day. Way too pretty to spend inside doing housework. Which is what I would have done had we stayed home! Instead, we went into the mountains and enjoyed a wonderful day together. Just take a look at some of these beautiful memories we collected today. :) There are more. Lots more. I think I took somewhere around 250 pictures today.... Haha! Just enjoy these for now. Sunlight sparkling through the maples-soooo pretty
Rusts and golds

A rhododendron blossom. Yes in october!

The sweetest little face. This little girl can really walk!

And then she got tired.... but it was after quite a while! I was really amazed.

Red on blue

Mountain views

Red berries

Inside the Nature building they were having a flower show and had clippings of flowers like these. how pretty!

Holding daddy's hand, but perusing the area with her eyes, she's scouting out where she should pull to next. ;)

And we're back to the beautiful maple trees.... :)

Like I said, I have so many pictures of today, will have to post a few more later.... Because, I just realized that I put on pictures of Rebecca, but none of Hannah or Nathan!! Will do more later, but hope you enjoyed a taste of the beauty of fall. Until next time, wishing you all a happy fall as well. :)

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