Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Evening Bonfire

Sunday evening, the air just seemed to speak "campfire" and so we listened. I whipped up some up these pumpkin muffins. very easy. just a can of pumpkin and a yellow cake mix. That's it. They are very mild in taste and yummy too.
Some black bean nachos. No, those are not chocolate chips on top! haha!!
Some warm potato soup
And a delicious fall time hot drink

The roaring fire. Oh so warm.

Rebecca, nibbling on her apple.

Hannah, a girl after my own heart. warm drink, curled up in front of the fire. :)

I love his expression. I think he just snitched another muffin... lol

hmm.... digging into the nachos for a few afterthought tasty bites
What are you doing with your family to bring about fun memories? Children love moments to remember and lots of love. :)


  1. Very nice. You're right, kids LOVE memories like this. :)

  2. Your kids are so cute! And those pumpkin muffins look delicious. :D

    Sorry for popping up out of nowhere. I just stumbled across your email from awhile ago... :)