Friday, October 7, 2011

Gone Missing: Quiet

I don't know where it went, this quiet. It somehow slipped between my fingers and just out of reach. So close, and yet so far gone.

Every day for the past 5 years like clock work. 2 o'clock rolled around and suddenly like magic everything went.... quiet.

But 2 o'clock is gone. Somehow it went off the clock, I don't know. But it's gone just the same.

And now that's there's no 2 o'clock, there doesn't seem to be any quiet either.

I try to cope. I rearranged the baby's nap time. Because, you see, her like clock work quiet at 10 o'clock each morning is missing as well. And now, it's a 12 or 1 o'clock nap time for her that lasts for hours. So I take the children outdoors into the falltime sunshine to let them play and run their energy out. I sit in the sun and read or watch, or sometimes chat with friends on the phone and somehow, it all becomes a bit quieter.

But what will happen when the fall beauty passes us by and it's winter's snowy grip that holds us and it's too chilly and blustery to venture outside. What then?

All things are figured out in time.

(and then they change again... *sigh*)

I give the children moments to pause. Whether it's on a blanket on the floor, or sitting on a bed with some quiet time toys. I set timers (that they reset) all in the hopes that they will sit quietly for a little while and rest. And give me rest. And give themselves rest. But so often I hear so many "mommy's" in a space of such a little while that quiet time seems very much un-quiet and I figure it's all just a silly game. So I stop playing it. And we once more make our way outdoors.

And once the baby awakens, the three ring circus begins again and it's all crazy.

So, I savor every quiet moment that comes my way. Whether it's for 10 or 15 minutes or a half of an hour. At least it's mostly quiet. *smile*

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  1. aaaaaah Sarah I'm so sorry -- this transition to NO NAPS has been so hard for me!!! And I know we're similar in our need for quiet and rest and alone time. I know you'll figure things out {every time they change}, but just know that I SYMPATHIZE. :) It can be soooo exhausting and the noise...oh dear. Courage friend. :)