Monday, October 31, 2011

The Last of Fall's Color

Fall is drawing to a close my friends....


We've been waking up to crispy cold morning frostiness. Here's a view from our front door the other morning. The misty fog rising from the neighbor's pond, frost on roof tops and covering the ground. My kid's were in awe.... "MOM! It SNOWED last night!!!" ;) If only, right? hehe But just LOOK at this color! And contrast of blue sky! SO SO beautiful.
These trees are all in our front yard and they are all a different shade of color. Oh so gorgeous.

Every year I look forward to their color. This year was no exception.

Takes my breath away. Makes me SMILE. This year, I wasn't sure if they would be all that colorful. Seemed they might just turn brown and fall off. And then? One morning, I woke up and BOOM. They were colorful. And beautiful.

I love God's artwork in the fall time.

And I love my little punkin' head's too. ;)

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