Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organize It: Kitchen pt.1

I've been working on organizing my kitchen lately. Bit by slow bit. Here are a few glimpses of organization. :) Here's a drawer with some examples of how I use cheap little baskets to organize. I cleaned out this drawer quite a bit.
I completely revamped this drawer and ended up putting ziplocks into it instead of the whatnot that was there before.

Got rid of a bunch of old plastic kids cups, and put a small basket in here for odds and ends.

This here is a before shot of my knife drawer. Quite a mess!

Here's after. scissors in one. Knives and peeler in another.

Here's my pans and stuff in this cabinet and I wanted it to have a transformation....Here's the change!! :) YAY! I got this inexpensive rubbermaid rack at Walmart and love it!

Why am I showing you my trashcan? ONE reason and one reason only. A rubber mat on the floor was all it took to make this cabinet ooooh sooo much better. The floor of it was awful after years of having a trash can in it!

So there's part one! Moving on to the spice cupboard, pantry, recipes etc! :)

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  1. Awesome job!! Just started on my pantry tonight!! Wow it's a job!