Monday, October 24, 2011

Organize It: Laundry Space

My laundry area is behind closet folding doors in the kitchen. Not my ideal place for a loud washer and dryer, but this is where it is, nonetheless. So here are a few ideas of ways that I have organized my little laundry space. Above my washer and dryer is a shelf and on it I have cleaning supplies and laundry soap, etc... to organize it I have small boxes that canned goods (or ramen noodle) come in. In this particular box I have my window washer, pledge, lysol, mopping solution and an all purpose cleaner. Another box holds carpet cleaner and a large refill bottle of spray and wash, etc... Just keeps it much neater than if it were all just put on the shelf.
Here's the big picture. Vinegar (love using it in my dishwasher, really helps it clean better.) Borax, Charlies laundry soap *love*, boxes of cleaning supplies, swiffer supplies-of which I like, but not for my large tile floor surface. I just recently switched back to a regular mop. I hang my bag of clothespins from a nail, as well as all grilling supplies.

Bottle of spray and wash hanging from another nail, and the dustpan hanging from another.
I also keep a small trashcan sitting on top of the dryer so I can put dryer lint into it.
This is how my laundry area is arranged. Not perfect, but not bad either! :)

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