Saturday, October 15, 2011

Woodland Beauty

A couple of weeks ago our church and several others in our area had a yearly campmeeting of sorts. Every year, the churches in the area gather together up at this beautiful camp in the mountains for a weekend of fellowship. It turned out to be a very chilly day! We just went up for Sabbath and brrr it was cold! After a very enjoyable Sabbath School and church service we had a picnic lunch. Mike made us a large thermos filled with hot potato soup and then he made us some sandwiches to go along with it. So tasty! Here are my two girls, all bundled up trying to keep warm. :)
And here's my little man all bundled up in a blanket.

After our picnic and an afternoon "singspiration" time, we took a walk in the woods. it was just so pretty! I enjoyed seeing all the details of the mosses and lichens.

We found a balancing beam and they all had fun trying to walk across it.

Such pretty mushrooms.

I think this is a Sassafrass sapling.

Little tiny puffball 'shrooms

Rocks in the creek

We had such an enjoyable time in God's nature and enjoying the beauty around us and the sounds of birds in the air. The kids found some great acorns as well. We as a family really enjoy seeing the beauty of God in the world around us.

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