Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review: Wings of a Dream

Wings of a Dream, by Anne Mateer was a good read. Simply written, with a story line that was fairly easy to guess, but yet still left room for the mind to wonder.

Rebekah is a young girl who's life has been fairly predetermined by her overbearing mother. Wanting a way out of the only life she has ever known, she falls for the first guy with the promise of adventure at his finger tips. But then.... life happens. Her aunt is seriously ill and Rebekah is the only one that can attend to her. However, since where she is headed is closer to her one true love and since she is still after adventure, she is excited to leave her own little secluded nest called home and venture out on her own into the big wide world.

However, life isn't always as we expect it to be. And oftentimes, through some of the biggest challenges in life, we find our true selves.

Rebekah is faced with 4 little children who desperately need her. They have been bereaved of their mother, their father is in the war, and the auntie they loved has just been buried as well.

Will Rebekah be able to move past her preconceived ideas of life and the adventure she feels should be there and recognize her calling before it is too late? Will she be too stubborn to see what is right in front of her?

Read "Wings of a Dream" to find out!

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