Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hiding God's Word in Our Hearts

It is so important to memorize Scripture. Especially while you are young. Recently, I was gifted with these wonderful little memory scripture books for young children. The thought behind them is that if you daily repeat a scripture verse to a baby/toddler that by the time they are speaking sentences, they will already be able to say these Bible verses because they have been written on their hearts at such a tender age. I have started doing this as often as I can. I say "often"because I'd love to do it every day, but it's hard to always be consistent. I am trying though! Rebecca has started to already recognize the verse when I say it to her! I also have been going over a verse with Hannah and Nathan. Now mom's, I just want to encourage you here. I felt like that verse was going in one ear and out the other. I didn't feel like they were paying much attention, and they were verrrry absent mindedly repeating the verse after me. I felt frusterated. Like I was trying hard and they just weren't cooperating. Until two mornings later, Hannah comes up to me and starts saying TWO verses absolutely perfectly. Both her verse, and the verse that I had been saying to Rebecca. So take heart! Our children are listening. And when we least expect it, they will speak these verses. *smile.* So press on! Take that time to speak the scripture to your children. We need God's word in our hearts and minds daily. And I am totally speaking to myself here. I want to do better in this area. I want to immerse my life and my children's in the Word. Do I always do what I would like? Absolutely not. But it's a goal to aim for. *smile*

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