Thursday, November 10, 2011


*Tonight I am bone weary. Wondering how on earth I'll ever make it through another day of child raising. (or is it babysitting? because it sure feels like a never ending babysitting job sometimes! although I know that a lot more is at stake because, yeah... it's really NOT babysitting. It's my own children.) I can't seem to get much done in a day because I am constantly watching and trying to keep everyone out of trouble!
*Tonight I am seeing a whole lot a ton of merit in batch cooking for a month and putting dinners in the freezer. Shucks, breakfast and lunch too for that matter! I used to think that was sort of a silly idea for "other people" because I like to cook fresh and exciting and new every evening. But now? Well, reality is setting in folks. I totally lack inspiration and completely lack time and ability without a child hanging on my leg or some other unseen problems from small fry arising all over the house.
*Tonight my eyes are burning, the top of my foot is throbbing where it was stomped on, my knee is hurting where I was jammed with a rake, and my shoulder hurts where I bumped it into the freezer as I stood up from getting something out of the fridge. And my arm and back are aching from toting around a 20 pound baby.
*Tonight I am really tired of water messes allllll over the house. Nathan seems to have a water fetish and likes to pour it all over the place. And play in it. It has been smeared all over the kitchen chairs, the toilet seats, kitchen floors, living room carpet puddles, coffee table lakes, you name it. He likes to pour it from one container to the next, and some of his containers don't hold water... mmmhmmm. He's something else.
*Tonight I need some major inspiration to get out of bed tomorrow morning and muddle my way through another day. Of course, that's not much of an option. I have to get out of bed whether I want to or not!
*Tonight I just want to do better tomorrow. I want to be a great mom. I want my kids to respect me and honor my words. Tonight I want to hold on to Jesus even more so that I can put on His attittude and His character.
Tonight? I need some sleep! Goodnight all! :)


  1. OOOOoooooh. I hear ya. =) Sounds like your lil guy is up to no good these days, water messes are the WORST!! Especially if you have laminate floor, like us. Wow, you sound like a wounded soldier. I sure hope a resting up helps you tackle tomorrow. You're doing awesome, remember.

  2. I hope you're having a good start to your weekend! *hugs*