Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Christmas crafting can be fun. But when you add friends into the mix it really turns into a wonderful time.

Today we had our friends over and had a blast making Christmas crafts. See one of the boy's Christmas tree's? cute!
Snowmen! I even made one. ;) We did it out of half Elmer's glue and haly shaving cream. Mix it together and the puffiness dries! So fun!

More Christmas trees. My kid's creations.

We also made some thumbprint reindeer.... guess I failed to get a picture of those.

We had delicious English muffin mini pizza's. I had lots of toppings to choose from and the kid's got to top their own pizza's and then we baked them up and had those for lunch. Yummers!

Christmas tree brownies that we DIDN'T eat. But aren't they cute?!

Hannah's pom pom reindeer. Cute as can be, right? :)

Have you all done any fun crafting this season?

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