Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie Party

I love this time of year!

Today we went over to my friend Ashney's house and decorated cookies! The kids really enjoyed it and I loved socializing with a couple friends in the process. *wink* Pretty pretty! The cookie dough in and of itself was a healthy recipe. Whole wheat flour, coconut oil, honey.... yeah. very good. til we added the sprinkles. ;)
Intently decorating their cookies.

The little cookie makers and the big cookie makers. haha.

Little Missy in her Amish country bonnet. :)

A few of the cookies got a heavy dousing of sprinkles. I think Nate felt the more the better. Yeah, he's pretty much on a sugar high right now. Put him to bed at 6:30 tonight. Guess maybe he'll sleep it off. ;)

We enjoyed a delicious cup of Celestial Seasoning's tea before we left for home and definitely think this should become a yearly tradition. And I MUST get the recipe for the cookies! How did I leave without it??

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  1. You left without the recipe, but I didn't! :) I took some of the cookies home to my brothers and they loved them! (I did too) Sure was fun!